The Dogwoods are Blooming (Hard Cover)

The Dogwoods Are Blooming

In the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in the early 1900’s the Barrett family is followed through three generations. Experience snowstorms, a traumatic flood, and an intriguing mystery as Central Virginia’s mysterious Monacans are woven into the saga. Emily, the unforgettable main character, builds a family legacy midst the comforting stability of the aged mountains.


“A fine story of a normal, rural family. It’s a book every young family should have and read.” -Jimmie B. Bryan, former Mayor of Lynchburg, VA

“This wonderful book will make you laugh and cry. Doubt and faith, joy and trouble, anger and love are woven together to form suspenseful and gripping true-to-life drama. Read it and you won’t forget its characters and lessons.” -Ron Hawkins, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

The Dogwoods are Blooming (Hard Cover)
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