Spring’s Return

Spring's Return

The sequel to The Dogwoods are Blooming bounces back and forth from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Black Hills of South Dakota, drawing a vivid contrast. The title implies a dual meaning: The coveted season, symbolic of hope, and also Spring, the main character. This book deals more in depth with the Monacans and the Sioux.


“It really fills my heart to read such a wonderful book that depicts the Native-American as a loving people. A book that all people should read…society needs more books like this!”
-Phyllis Hicks, Director, Monacan Ancestral Museum

“The author weaves a tapestry of threads gleaned from early days of living in downtown Lynchburg, while maximizing current events over twenty-five years and the awakening of Native-American pride in Amherst County’s own Monacan Indians.”
-Meg Hibbert, Assistant Editor, Amherst New Era-Progress

Spring's Return
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