“A Carolyn Feagans book is like a warm bath– it’s easy to slip into, and once you’re there, you don’t want to leave..”
Darrell, Lynchburg News

“I have truly enjoyed reading Carolyn Tyree Feagans’ books. I enjoy reading about people and their lives – troubles and triumphs – and her talent has made me feel like I know these characters and their experiences.”
Chris, Portsmouth, VA

“All of Carolyn Tyree Feagans’ books are just wonderful! They are so easy to read and to relate to. Once you start reading one, you just don’t want to put it down. After reading the first one, I ordered all the others.”
Deborah, Graham, NC

“The Road is another Masterpiece! A beautiful way of expressing God’s love to everyone!” Deborah, North Hartland, VT

“The Road has been an answer to prayer. As I slowly go through it, the blessings keep coming.” Myrlea, St. Petersburg, FL

“The photos in The Road are beautiful and the devotionals are comforting and uplifting.” Joanie, Bonita, CA

“Such wonderful stories that we will read and re-read…heart-warming stories that we feel we are there with them.” Sandy, N. Wilkesboro, NC