In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge

In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge

A new story that deals with the Monacan Indians and their tragic history- it is heavily immersed with mountain life, beginning in 1898. Its primary setting is also the Blue Ridge, its secondary is downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, a small southern town. It is a rich, historical novel that centers on the Great Depression and World War II, realistically portraying how Lynchburg and mountain families coped with the challenges. Understand how a young boy wears croaker sacks on his legs to keep warm and walks the railroad tracks for coal, and later joins the CCCs for a way out.


“Thanks to In The Shadow of the Blue Ridge, the author has folded the Monacan’s twentieth century story into dialogue, so now our children can appreciate the human side. To understand… Shadow… is to understand the drama of social change right in our midst. Now we can grab it and hold on to it.”
-Dr. Peter Houck, Virginia Historian

“This story is deceptively simple, the life of a wise old women of mixed ancestry , a love story that brings together good people in spite of different backgrounds, and tragedy when the forces of nature overwhelm them. But that is only the plot outline: buried in the story of prejudice against “the other,” is a subtext of the virulent racial policies of mid-century. It conveys the flavor and aroma of the mountainside, and attacks our preconceptions about class, education, and human worth, without condescension, romanticization or pomposity.”
-David M. Sokol, Books of Interest, Lynch’s Ferry

In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge
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