Known for her compelling stories, books you cannot put down, Carolyn Tyree Feagans now has six available novels plus a new table-top devotional published through Warwick House Publishing in Lynchburg, Virginia, and is currently working on another novel.  As Inspirational/Historical Novels, her first six books offer history, heart and hope, and conjure up deeper meanings of life to ponder.  Her latest book, Through My Window, is just that, reflections on her life and others as she marched to the hum of a treadmill and witnessed the beauty of the changing seasons through her basement window.

Carolyn Feagans
Carolyn Tyree Feagans

Born in Lynchburg, Virginia, Carolyn grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and graduated with honors from Madison Heights High School.  All further formal education was in the business realm, spending much of her life in the corporate world, over thirty years in marketing and personnel management.  Although this was her livelihood and gratifying to a degree, her heart was always in writing, which she juggled with her career, publishing her first four books during that time.  Now retired from business, she devotes her time exclusively to writing and her large family—being blessed with three wonderful children and six precious grandchildren.

Though Carolyn has lived elsewhere, in scenic Minnesota, the great state of Texas, and charming South Carolina, plus traveled considerably, she proudly acclaims the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as home. An avid reader with a keen interest in history, she relentlessly researches the past for her authentic settings, weaving her stories through actual local, national and international historic events.

For over twenty years, she served in Sunday school and inner-city church ministry.  Her faith combined with her love of nature and history now enables her to fulfill her dream– that of writing stories of hope.

Carolyn and her husband, Enoch, spend a good deal of time traveling this great country, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Atlantic coastline, where one easily slips away from the clamor of life and into quiet solace, closer to God.