New Release: ‘Bottle of Tears’

Can a bottle hold tears? As you read this story, you will discover the mysterious answer! Follow Miss Jaymee from a small child in 1924 to her bizarre ninety-ninth birthday party. Born on a craggy ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, she never loses her love of the mountains, though she’s forced to leave as a young child. Down to the Shenandoah Valley she goes for her long journey through life…

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The Road

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Our Journey through Time, Trials, and Truth!
Carolyn Tyree Feagans


The Road features many roads – unique roads and common roads, plus other things that make up this world we live in. Bound in hard cover with stunning pictures of nature, it definitely has a soothing effect on the reader.

Yet, it is far more.

The Road

Carolyn’s NEW Novel, The Road, is Now Available!

The Road embodies our journey through time – particularly hard times. Millions have traveled down this road of life, and many have left their mark. They have paved the way for us – and we can learn much from them. It shares stories of well-known characters but also those unknown.

Like Feagans’ other books, it is a book of hope. Through God’s eternal promises, The Road will lift you up from the valley – and onto the mountain of faith.

It is a book for the hurting – which is all of us at one time or another!

If you would like to purchase the book, you can buy it online.

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